What do we offer?

Our Business Verticals

USP Start-ups

USP Start-ups is one of the operating business vertical for the start-ups, formed by USP House, and it is the fastest growing offer in the start-up ecosystem. USP Start-ups provides the end-to-end business solutions to grow the venture exponentially, with the moving world.


USP SMEs is the second most searched offering under USP House, which especially designed and developed on the recommendation of SME owners. USP SMEs is the complete business solution house to plan, operate, and manage the venture successfully.

What we do actually for you?

USP House perform the following activities for the Start-ups and SMEs to build and grow their venture successfully. USP House is capable and strong enough to perform such activities with their in-house management professionals team and under the observation & guidance of our industry experts. 


We provide the value adding advisory services to our clients. We have a team of experienced advisors with specific expertise and skills to help you improve your business.

Analysis & Research

We provide the highly constructive and insightful analysis & researches. We perform sector-specific intelligence and deep insight analysis that helps our clients to leverage the opportunities.

Design & Develop

Our Tremendous & phenomenal designing and developments make thing easier for our clients to understand and presentable in front of their investors, shareholders and key management. 

Perform & Report

We provide the remarkable growth metric performance and result-oriented reports to the founder, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs for the better decision making.


Value adding advisory delivery.

USP House has 5 members in the advisory team available to support the venture altogether. Our professionals and industry experts work closely with the Founders, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs to advise in better efficiency and effective planning, strategizing, technology, operations, market & sales, finance, and investment of their start-up or SME venture.

Quick Virtual Advisory
  1. Free 15 min. expert call.
  2. Anytime and anywhere virtual call booking system.
  3. Fast call/meeting scheduling. 
  4. Easily call/meeting email reminder.
Experts Obsrvation & Guidance
  1. Start-up Industry Experts.
  2. SME Industry Advisors.
  3. Weekly/Monthly Expert virtual call.
  4. C-suit level experience, experts involvement.
Intellectual Discussion
  1. Dedicated professional team.
  2. Fast and quick team discussion.
  3. Quick discussion minutes sharing.
  4. Subjective and Objective matters of discussion.
Customised Fast Solutions
  1. Assigned Advisor.
  2. Work transparency and on-ground involvement.
  3. Operations challenge’s solving solutions.
  4. Advisory monthly reporting.

Analysis & Research

Deep insightful analysis and comprehensive research approach.

USP House conducts the deep analysis and comprehensive research approach for our industry leaders to leverage the market opportunity. We perform activities through the latest data analysis softwares and researches tools. Our professional analysts have deep knowledge and understanding of analysis & research through the primary and secondary methods.

  1. Digital Consumer behaviour analysis.
  2. Campaign & Audience study.
  3. Trend analysis.
  4. Data Analysis.
  1. Retail market study.
  2. Consumer product & service analysis.
  3. Offline market surveys.
  4. Competitive analysis
  1. Brand Segmentation analysis
  2. Target audience analysis
  3. Brand Positioning analysis
  4. Brand competitive analysis
  1. Equity Research
  2. Financial performance analysis
  3. M&A analysis
  4. Investment analysis

Design & Develop

Tremendous and Phenomenal designing & development.

USP House uses the modern technique of designing and development of business materials. Our business presentation material is concise and particular up to the need. We use the modern infographics, statistics, graphs, markings, art, and business technical content.

  1. Business Plan & Model
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Company Profile/ Corporate Portfolio
  4. Pitch Deck
  5. Project Planning Report
  1. Business Development Strategy
  2. Go to Market Strategy
  3. Functional & Business Strategy Roadmap
  4. Digital Strategy Report
  5. Brand Management Strategy
  1. Operations process designing.
  2. Operations planning report.
  3. Technology design & develop report.
  4. Technology Innovation Statement.
  5. Functioning Flow Chart.
Market & Sales
  1. Marketing KPIs management & reporting.
  2. Sales KPIs management & reporting.
  3. Campaign & advertisement designing.
  4. Marketing review report.
  5. Sales review report.

Perform & Report

Remarkable growth metric performance & result-oriented reporting.

USP House has an experience and knowledge to study, analyse, review and report the performance of an organization to the management and their shareholders. We follow the standard rules and regulation to report the financial performance of the organization on Monthly, Quarterly, and yearly basis.

Business Management
  1. Business Review Reporting
  2. Operations Review Reporting
  3. Organization Review Reporting
  4. Business Performance Audit
Financial Management
  1. Projected Financial Statement
  2. Financial Planning & Modelling
  3. Financial Statement Review & Reporting
  4. Valuation
  1. M&A Reporting
  2. Strategic Investment
  3. Private Equity
  4. Debt Funding
  1. Pre-Seed funding
  2. Seed Funding
  3. Series A and so on 
  4. Debt Funding