The Pitch Creator

Pitch Deck

350+ Decks


1000+ Unique designs

Corporate Profile

450+ Corporate Presentation

Marketing Presentation

300+ Marketing Campaigns

The Pitch Creator:

The Pitch Creator is the most demanded offering of USP House, where we design and develop appealing and graceful visual presentations for entrepreneurs to showcase them to their respective stakeholders.

Our creator’s team, consist the ingenious content writers, innovative graphic designers, skilful video editors, unique story tellers, and experienced creative heads to visually represent ideas of an entrepreneur in their presentation.

  1. Business Plan
  2. Corporate Profile / Company Presentation
  3. Pitch Deck / Investor Deck
  4. Project Presentation
  5. Product Presentation and Product Explanatory Video
  6. Services Presentation
  7. Marketing Presentation and Infographic Analytical Reports

Creators Catalogue.

Incredible design, detailed infographics, and expressive story in every presentation make it easier for readers to quickly understand.

The Pitch Creator:

  1. Brochures and Catalogue Design
  2. Strategy Presentation
  3. Sales Presentation & Analytical Reporting
  4. Proposals Write-ups and Presentations
  5. Agreements Designing & Drafting.
  6. Operations Process Flowchart
  7. Sales & Marketing Funnel Creation

  1. Franchise Business Model
  2. Franchise Marketing Collaterals 
  3. Company’s Training Modules
  4. Company’s Policy drafting.
  5. Technology Wireframe.
  6. UX/UI Designing
  7. Technology Flowchart.

We’re excited to create more appealing graphics for your venture.