USP Start-ups


USP Startup has designed and developed customized programs for the startups’ founders to accelerate their venture growth. Our team’s end-to-end hand-holding solutions assist them to operate and manage their venture efficiently.


USP Startup, mentor and guide the new startup founders and make them presentable to the industry-focused angel investors, VCs, and family offices. Our Industry agnostic approach helps us to interact with new potential startups in INDIA and UK.


USP Startup finds the higher growth and solution provider startups, based in INDIA and UK. We represent the best startup to our investor network for the higher return on investment.

USP Start-up Services
  1. Idea Reviewing
  2. Idea Program
  3. Idea Statement
  4. Pre-Incorporation Session

USP Start-ups team is designing and developing an acceleration program for the Startups to educate, mentor, guide, and advice for the successful venture. 

  1. Planning
  2. Strategy
  3. Market & Sales
  4. Technology & Operations
  1. Pitch Deck / Investor Deck
  2. Go to Market Strategy
  3. Financial Planning & Modelling
  4. Valuation

Indian Startups Ecosystem

India becomes third largest startup ecosystem in the world.


Technology leading startups brings the innovation and sustainability to provide the ease to the user. Technology startups turning the customer experience into the AI. 


Digital Platform Startups are leading Indian Startups Ecosystem where the user is the entrepreneurs as well. Digital Platform startups innovation allows to user to reach global. 


Technology integrate online selling and buying platforms allowing users to explore the inter-course opportunity across the globe. 


Software as a services startups are immensely and demonstratively building an innovative module into the B2C & B2B segment to enhance the accessibility of customization. 

UK Startups Ecosystem

London named one of the World’s leading startup ecosystem. 


UK tech is the world’s leading place in the innovation & sustainable startups. 


Digital platforms startups are pro-actively introducing AR/VR facility for the users.


Innovative marketplaces are introducing AI integrated management tools.


Software developing startups using AI/ML innovation to analyzing the  future-tech.

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS/SEIS)

(For UK tax payers only)

Income Tax Relief

Loss Relief

Capital Gain Tax Exempt

CGT deferral Relief

Inheritance tax Exemption